About eSchool News


eSchool News covers education technology in all its aspects–from legislation and litigation, to best practices, to lessons learned and new products. First published in March of 1998, eSchool News is a monthly print and digital newspaper providing the news and information necessary to help K-20 decision-makers successfully use technology and the internet to transform North America’s schools and colleges and achieve their educational goals. The newspaper is read by more than 300,000 school leaders, and a companion web site—eSchool News Online—is visited by more than 500,000 unique visitors each month, including over 280,000 registered members.

eSchool News is a marketing solutions company serving the education technology industry. Throughout our 25-year history, we have created the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services in the industry. We offer access to the broadest reach and deepest range of education technology professionals worldwide across the entire technology spectrum: the creators, sellers, and buyers of technology around the world.

Every day, our editorial, sales, and marketing professionals share their content expertise to help our customers grow their businesses. We leverage the immediacy of online, the networking of face-to-face opportunities, the expert interaction of web seminars, and the breadth and depth of print to create compelling, focused media that delivers measurable results.


eSchool News — helping educators succeed by;

* Providing the latest news, resources and reports on the applications of technology to improve learning
* Providing resources and tools to evaluate the funding, purchasing and the evaluation of technology in the education systems
* Assisting educators in forming collaborative alliances and providing a valuable resource bank for the exchange of information, ideas and best practices.

In order to fulfill our mission, we pledge the following:

* We will treat each member as though the success of our organization depends on that individual alone
* We will continue to increase the value and benefits of our services, programs and products
* We will deliver what we promise
* We will conduct our business in a manner which commands the respect of the public for our industry and for the goals toward which we strive


eSchool News will create an environment that inspires and empowers the spirit of positive educational endeavors by encouraging sharing and support in order to:

* Solve education technology problems
* Encourage collaboration
* Provide education and resources
* Provide superior value
* Provide a marketplace where members can make their services and products available to each other and to their clients


eSchool News holds the following values in the highest regard in all their business dealings and expects all members and their associates, suppliers, and vendors to uphold them as well:

* Confidentiality
* Supportive environment
* Collaboration and sharing
* Generosity