Here’s how SEL helps with digital stressors

Students deal with a lot, but digital stressors can be managed with specific interventions, including a focus on SEL

Today’s 24/7 access to technology has brought many benefits, from online collaboration to improved parent-teacher communication. But that 24/7 environment has also brought increased stress to students’ lives as issues … Read More

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Stacey Pusey is an education communications consultant and writer. She assists education organizations with content strategy and teaches writing at the college level. Stacey has worked in the preK-12 education world for 20 years, spending time on school management and working for education associations including the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group. Stacey is working with as a marketing communications adviser and writer.

3 big ideas for effective SEL strategies

Students need SEL skills in school and as they enter the workforce—here’s how to build those skills

Educators, practitioners, and administrators should identify the what, the why, and the how of essential social and emotional learning (SEL) skills when implementing these strategies in an effective manner, according … Read More

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Eileen Belastock, CETL is the Director of Academic Technology for Mount Greylock RSD in Williamstown, MA, and also works with to write articles on their professional learning edWebinars. You can follow Eileen on Twitter @EileenBelastock.

Taming the amygdala: Staying calm with mindfulness

Tap into these 6 strategies to help children practice mindfulness and focus on the positive rather than the negative

When your brain veers to all that’s bad, that’s where thoughts tend to stay. Anxiety and stress take over. Peace eludes us. These are trained responses to unpleasantness. We don’t … Read More

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Michele Israel writes about the ideas and best practices that are shared in edWeb’s edWebinars so they can spread innovative and best practices to the education community. Michele owns Michele Israel Consulting, LLC, which serves large and small educational, nonprofit, media, corporate, eLearning, and blended-learning organizations to bolster products and programs. Her rich career spans over 25 years of successfully developing educational materials and resources, designing and facilitating training, generating communication materials and grant proposals, and assisting in organizational and program development. In addition to lesson plans and other teacher resources, Michele’s portfolio includes published articles covering a range of educational and business topics.

Stacking interventions to institutionalize equity in schools

5 strategies help school leaders and educators fight discrimination and promote equity in schools

We don’t suspend students too often in my school because it’s something I’m convinced doesn’t work. Years of research shows that. In fact, it not only affects the child suspended, … Read More

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Mike Gaskell, Ed.D., is a veteran middle school principal, mentor to new principals and author of 16 articles since 2018. With a book coming out in September on effective educator practices, he aspires to bring practical solutions to educators and families everywhere, in the best interest of students, especially the disadvantaged.

7 strategies to boost SEL skills in students

If you’re teaching students to be employable, they better have strong SEL skills

The world may describe what we do as teaching employability skills. I call it social-emotional learning (SEL). Having social-emotional skills – skills such as self-management, forming positive relationships, and responsible … Read More

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Lindsey Dixon is the Director of Career Readiness for the Urban Assembly.

Integrating SEL in hybrid classrooms

SEL is even more important for students during COVID-19--and these 8 strategies can help establish important connections

As I navigate this school year, I am keenly aware of the ever-present power of change. Each day seems to bring a new challenge, a new policy, a new online … Read More

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LeAnn Simmerman is a Teacher of the Gifted in Columbia, TN. She serves as Co-President Elect of the Tennessee Associate for the Gifted. LeAnn is honored to be a part of the Discovery Education Network and serve on their Leadership Council.

Strategies for teaching SEL skills during virtual learning

It isn’t impossible to help students build SEL skills online—here are 4 approaches to help you get started

Why did you go into education? I bet it was because you love teaching and inspiring young minds. However, these days teachers are faced with an increased focus on academic … Read More

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Ashlyn Ellsworth is an energetic 3rd grade teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. Along with teaching for 13 years with most of her experience in the primary grades, Ashlyn is also the designer and teacher author of The Creative Classroom.

Digital teaching for students in special education

With learning happening online and at home, students in special education have unique needs that can be creatively addressed with digital tools

For more than seven years, I worked in a fully online public school that served general education and special education students in kindergarten through high school. During my teaching time, … Read More

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Kimberly Coy, Ph.D., worked in a completely online public school for over seven years, kindergarten through high school, general and special education. She was part of developing the program and delivery. She holds a Ph.D. in digital learning and special education with an emphasis in Universal Design for Learning. She has done research and published extensively in this area.

3 digital tools that are shifting the teacher’s role

Digital tools can help transform the teacher's role--as long as they aren't complicating the instructional process

Technology has infused classrooms with useful digital learning tools and has ushered in a new model of connected teaching. Teachers are now linked to professional content, resources, and systems designed … Read More

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Janine Walker Caffrey, Ed.D., is CEO of Lexplore, Inc. Lexplore uses eye tracking and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine a student’s reading level. This evidence-based technology is based on an extensive 30-year research project carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Contact Dr. Caffrey at