The critical link between scholastic esports and career pathways education

Few students will have careers as esports athletes, but all will enter the workforce, applying skills they learned in scholastic esports to any number of careers

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6 tips to help start an elementary esports program in your school

Conversations around esports have centered on collegiate and secondary levels, but recently, the conversation has expanded to include elementary esports too

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4 tips for creating an elementary esports program

An elementary esports program that meets young learners’ needs should include considerations for learning space design and high-quality furnishings

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How esports is creating scholarships, jobs, and school investments

Esports has become an important school activity and will continue to be an enrollment driver as the industry matures

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Why schools are a natural setting for mental health support

Raising awareness of mental health and offering mental health services directly to students on campus is the focus of school-based mental health care

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