Inspiring students for college and career—and beyond

Educators can deepen students’ college and career interests with dedicated discovery exercises

Students are constantly reminded about the importance of preparing for college and career, but the responsibility is a shared one. Educators and parents play a large role in ensuring that … Read More

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Josh Prater is a United States History Teacher at Sam Rayburn High School in the Pasadena Independent School District.

From classroom to boardroom: Building diverse workforce tech talent starts with STEM

Encouraging more girls to pursue STEM learning and work in STEM fields should start in the early grades

Women make up 47 percent of all employed adults in the U.S., but as of 2015, they hold only 25 percent of computing roles, according to data from the National … Read More

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Danielle Rourke is a Senior Higher Education Strategist with Dell Technologies. Dr. Kendall Latham is a Senior K-12 Education Strategist with Dell Technologies.

How the 4 Cs can prepare students for life beyond high school

The 4 Cs are more than skills taught in school--they'll stick with students throughout their academic, professional, and personal growth

As our world continues to become more connected through technology, today’s students have boundless access to a wealth of information. But, to effectively leverage these resources, students need to be … Read More

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Sandra Love, Ed.D., is author of Critical Thinking in the Classroom: A Practitioner’s Guide and Director of Education Insight and Research for Mentoring Minds. Dr. Love develops practical resources for teachers and principals to help them impact students and build thinking-centered learning environments. A recipient of the National Distinguished Principal Award, Dr. Love spent 37 years in public education both as a teacher and principal, where she gained experience at the elementary, middle school, and higher education levels. She has authored numerous articles and develops educational resources on critical thinking and instructional strategies.

Redefining what it means to be ‘college-ready’

According to research and the 2018 National Superintendent of the Year, preparing students for the future is more about creating a personalized pathway than teaching to a test

Societal pressures on high school seniors seemingly grow by the year. These days, a student’s level of college and workforce readiness is said to be dependent on their college admission … Read More

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David Schuler, PhD., is superintendent for Township High School District 214 in Illinois, 2018 Superintendent of the Year, and founder of Transeo, a data-driven community service tracking and postsecondary readiness software.

Getting students back on track to higher education

Higher education lost about 400,000 students this fall--who are they, and what can educators, families, and students themselves do to help them towards their goal of college and a career?

COVID-19 has raised a number of major questions for educators, one of which is “Why are college applications decreasing?” Higher education lost about 400,000 students this fall. Are these students … Read More

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Kevin E. Baird serves as chairman at the nonprofit Center for College & Career Readiness. He is a recognized leader in the application of technology for accelerated human learning and development. He provides free tools for schools at

How can high schools better prepare students for college and career success?

There are three key actions high schools can take to inspire students and ensure they're prepared for life beyond graduation

Today, many parents in the United States are worried — worried about their children’s physical health if schools open, worried about their mental health in case they don’t, and worried … Read More

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Peter Robertson has 30 years of leadership expertise in primary and secondary education, focused on teaching and learning, technology & data science, policy, and business operations. He began his career as a high school history and government teacher and has devoted most of his professional life to defining and supporting quality instruction through standards-based curriculum, aligned assessment, technology resources and professional development. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and master’s degrees in business administration and educational administration from Columbia University.

How to teach the 15 skills students need for success

Some skills aren’t easily taught, but they’re essential as students leave school and enter the global workforce

21st century skills. Social and emotional learning skills. “Soft” skills. Whatever you choose to call them, there is a set of skills that are essential for success in school, work, … Read More

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Katrina Salazar is the CEO of weThink, which helps schools teach and assess the skills required for students to succeed in all walks of life.

Here’s how we’re preparing our students for workplace success

High school students can improve soft skills while learning about their value to the world

When I first mentioned the FlexFactor program to my students, they were concerned that they would not be able to “invent” anything new because they believed that everything had been … Read More

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Carole Ng is the lead teacher of the Computer Science CTE Pathway at Santa Teresa High School and is passionate about exposing more students to computer science. She recently adopted the Oracle Database Design and SQL Programming course as an elective course for her district, and has been involved with the FlexFactor program since 2017.

Parents are critical to college and career readiness

Education leaders and key stakeholders should work to ensure parents have the resources they need to guide their children through college and career readiness preparations

On March 13, Keller, a second grader at Vermont’s Hinesburg Elementary, came home from school and didn’t return for six months. Like 20 million other students across the United States, … Read More

About the Authors:

Rick Dalton is founder and CEO of CFES Brilliant Pathways, a nonprofit organization that has helped 100,000 students, most from underserved communities, attain college degrees. Before CFES, Dalton worked in the admissions offices of Harvard and Middlebury Colleges.