Strategies to help IT leaders combat imminent cyberattacks

As long as effective measures are in place, including reliable endpoints and resilient zero trust, cybersecurity threats can be managed

It is undeniable–the education sector is prone to cyberattacks from malicious cybercriminals due to the amount of personal data available across user devices and organization networks. Just this past fall, … Read More

Education must keep pace with evolving ransomware

IT leaders should leverage modern innovations like AI and machine learning to ensure data protection for faculty, staff, students and the institution as a whole

Despite the alarming rise of ransomware incidents in 2022, many education institutions still fail to address gaps in their protection protocols. A Sophos survey found that 64 percent of higher … Read More

Private wireless is the key to K-20 digital transformation

By moving to private wireless now, schools will be ready to support new services that keep pace with the fast-changing needs of students and staff

Educational institutions across the United States are investing in digital technologies that, aside from transforming the learning experience, promise to improve campus operations, security and communications, and open the door … Read More