3 activities that will turn classroom robots into SEL power tools

Classroom robots are great for STEAM lessons, but they also lend themselves naturally to SEL--a lead makerspace educator explains how she blends the two in some of her favorite activities

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How to implement a districtwide K-12 computer science program

Here’s how my district integrated a curriculum that could be taught by existing teachers—and got our students excited about learning

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A fresh perspective on VR in special education

Incorporating VR in special education gives students access to personalized learning experiences

In early 2021, Spaulding Academy & Family Services applied for and received a technology grant from the Flutie Foundation for the purchase of virtual reality (VR) headsets.  We are a small, nonprofit special education … Read More

Using VR to radically improve learning outcomes

VR tools can engage students in learning and help them connect classroom lessons with real-world concepts

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