6 must-haves in a modern media center

Here are the top six considerations that all school districts should factor in when developing modern media centers for 21st-century learners

Our county is on track to outpace the nation’s population growth between now and 2024, and is posting 8.7 percent annual growth (compared to 3.9 percent for the U.S. as … Read More

From classroom to boardroom: Building diverse workforce tech talent starts with STEM

Encouraging more girls to pursue STEM learning and work in STEM fields should start in the early grades

Women make up 47 percent of all employed adults in the U.S., but as of 2015, they hold only 25 percent of computing roles, according to data from the National … Read More

Getting students back on track to higher education

Higher education lost about 400,000 students this fall--who are they, and what can educators, families, and students themselves do to help them towards their goal of college and a career?

COVID-19 has raised a number of major questions for educators, one of which is “Why are college applications decreasing?” Higher education lost about 400,000 students this fall. Are these students … Read More