How we built a whole-child, wraparound approach to special education

It begins with core values, includes engaging a panoply of stakeholders, and continues with cycles of inquiry

At the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Ulster Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES), we have developed the architecture to accomplish and codify a leadership approach to help … Read More

Technology’s key role in personalization and differentiation

It can be a struggle to meet all the demands placed on K-12 education--pairing personalized learning and social-emotional supports meets several needs at once

Editor’s note: This blog post originally appeared on CoSN’s blog and is reposted here with permissions. Part of a Blog Series from the Emerging Technologies Committee Leveraging Technology for Improving School … Read More

Envisioning the personalized edtech of tomorrow

Here's why a personalized and lifelong learning solution is the future of education--and edtech in particular

Before the pandemic, the trend for more personalized, learner-centric experiences in education already existed—the resulting lockdowns merely accelerated digital transformation, which continues to gain momentum across industries. Dubbed the “Fourth … Read More

4 resources to differentiate computer science instruction

Computer science topics offer simple opportunities to differentiate instruction--edtech can make these concepts even more accessible to students

Differentiating instruction is not a new approach to bridging the varying learning styles of students with different backgrounds and learning abilities. For years, educators have strategized how to differentiate instruction … Read More

4 tips for using data to differentiate instruction

For this educator, data has been an invaluable tool for differentiating learning and also for supporting a growth mindset

Finding ways to help all students grow academically – regardless of where they are starting from – can be challenging. From my experiences teaching special education, general education, and English … Read More

Students need freedom to develop critical skills with edtech

Giving students the power to access digital tools on demand will require a shift in how teachers design instruction

After decades of working with educational technology, I’ve come to the realization that technology will have its greatest impact in the classroom when educators allow learners to use digital technology as … Read More

Modern students need modern librarians

What it’s like being a librarian in 2022, and how librarians provide students with access to resources they need to succeed

When you think of a school librarian, what comes to mind? Is it shelving, stamping, and shushing? That’s the stereotype you’re probably most familiar with. Librarians are so much more … Read More

4 tools to help students build post-COVID research skills

Tools that help students brush up on “hard” skills like research while helping build “soft” skills should be integrated into instruction when possible

As an educator with 21 years of experience in teaching and learning, I have had the opportunity to work with students of differing abilities and learning backgrounds. During a typical … Read More