Digital Equity

7 Mindsets’ comprehensive school solution delivers customized implementation plans, professional development, ongoing coaching and support, and a comprehensive web-based portal including K-12 curriculum. Our solution includes educator support tools, thousands of searchable videos, activities, online training, and recommendations to engage parents and community. Lessons available to share through live, virtual, or distance learning environments.

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60 S. King Street
Roswell, GA
30075 (678) 821-2866

Michelle Kim Marketing Director  (678) 821-2866 Matthew Smith Vice-President of Operations  (404) 759-0132

CatchOn is an expansive data analytics tool that provides administrative leaders a window into the efficacy of their technology investments and integrations. We empower you to gather insightful data on your student engagements both inside and outside of school!

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618 Grassmere Park #12
Nashville, TN

Mark Merluzzi Sales Director  (615) 312-6027

Kajeet provides safe and reliable Education Broadband internet access for students at more than 3,500 K-12 and higher education schools and libraries, and on over 10,000 school buses across North America. With a mission focused on eliminating the digital divide beyond Education.

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7901 Long Branch Drive, Suite 350
McLean, VA
22102 (240) 482-3500

Bill Stribney Vice President, Sales  (240) 482-3500

First In Math provides successful math experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning, helping K-8 students acquire essential skills that lead to success in the STEM fields. In Spring 2020, FIM students solved more than 243 million math problems at home, without skipping a beat!

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3311 Foxhill Road
Easton, PA
18045 (610) 253-5255

Nan Ronis Executive Vice President  (610) 253-5255