eSports 2022

B&H B2B is where technology lives! We provide educators cost effective and easy online purchasing options. Level up your eSports program from our selection of the latest gaming PCs & laptops, graphics processors, monitors, projectors, networks, and loads of gaming peripherals.

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Best-practice schools have included eSports in their engineering and design program and even in extracurricular school athletics and club programs. Whether your school is establishing an eSports program or looking to expand an existing program we have audio and video solutions to help you reach your goal.

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900 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, Massachusetts

Mireya Medina Marketing Manager

Education is evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the future! MiEN Environments is ready to curate an esports space designed from proven research. From innovative solutions to storage to soft seating, MiEN can deliver a gaming space that will shape the future of your school community!

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Christina Counts VP of Education  (843) 276-1303

Just getting started with esports? Contact us for our free Esports Guidebook and complimentary esports arena layout assistance. Spectrum manufactures “best-in-class” PC tables, gaming chairs, console gaming, streaming/casting stations and more. Spectrum is your esports partner throughout.

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