Online Learning (Remote/Distance Learning)

7 Mindsets’ comprehensive school solution delivers customized implementation plans, professional development, ongoing coaching and support, and a comprehensive web-based portal including K-12 curriculum. Our solution includes educator support tools, thousands of searchable videos, activities, online training, and recommendations to engage parents and community. Lessons available to share through live, virtual, or distance learning environments.

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60 S. King Street
Roswell, GA
30075 (678) 878-3144

Michelle Kim Marketing Director  (404) 405-1604 is an innovative, easy to use, cloud-based teaching platform for blended learning for use inside or outside of the classroom. Educators gain features to share their screen/audio with students, monitor students’ screens; manage web/application usage; assess with surveys; plus more!

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6815 Shiloh Road East, Suite A-7
Alpharetta, GA
30005 (770) 205-4456

Priscilla Edwards Marketing Coordinator  (770) 205-4456

Make screen time interactive, educational, and inspiring! Connected Camps offers safe and moderated online spaces and programs, including new STEM courses in virology, cell biology, and physics; and free Minecraft servers to build, create, and hang out with friends while expanding your expertise.

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27622 Vista De Dons
Capistrano Beach, CA

Edsby combines learning management system (LMS) features with advanced assessment, reporting and parent communication—all tailored specifically to the needs of K-12 districts, regions and countries. Edsby has been adopted widely across North America and elsewhere in the world.

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68 B Leek Crescent, Suite 200
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1H1 (416) 800-7574

Dallas Kachan VP Marketing  (877) 337-0070

Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools and government organizations through its software and the world’s largest online community of IT admins focused exclusively on Apple, Jamf Nation.

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100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 1100
Minneapolis, MN

Sharp NEC Display Solutions is a global leader of innovative displays, offering a complete portfolio of Education Technology products such as commercial grade displays, interactive touchscreens, desktop monitors, direct view LED, video walls and collaboration solutions.

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3250 Lacey Court, Suite 500
Downers Grove, IL
60515 (866) 771-0266

Elizabeth Wolff Senior Manager

SplashLearn is a curriculum-aligned, game-based learning program that covers pre-kindergarten through grade 5 for math and pre-kindergarten through grade 2 for reading. SplashLearn is free for teachers & schools for use. It’s available on iOS, Android, and the web.

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548 Market St #64304
San Francisco, CA
94104-5401 (855) 979-8948

Joy Deep Nath Co Founder Akansha Tete PR and Communication Strategist  (959) 974-0031