How IT can take distance learning to the next level

Distance learning demands that districts close technology gaps and ensure teachers—and students—are equipped for a virtual world

Last spring, school districts rushed to transition to distance learning as quickly as possible to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and staff. Now, schools are reflecting on what worked, what didn’t, and how these learnings can be applied to prepare for safe and effective learning this fall.

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Setting students and teachers up for success starts with access to the internet and learning devices like laptops. But it also means taking advantage of additional opportunities that remote learning offers, such as recorded instruction, and making smart investments in innovation to deliver long-term results that maintain value well after the challenges of the ongoing pandemic subsides.

Remote learning as an opportunity

Distance learning is a solution to the crisis we’re currently facing, but it’s also an opportunity for personalized instruction with benefits for students and their teachers. Moving to remote education is often positioned as “can be as good as” or an “acceptable substitute” for in-class instruction. However, what is sometimes overlooked is how technology and virtual learning, when done correctly, can be an improvement on the status quo.

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