Using VR to radically improve learning outcomes

VR tools can engage students in learning and help them connect classroom lessons with real-world concepts

“When will I ever use this?” Math students have been asking educators this very question for decades. And yet, it has long been reported by Brookings (Loveless, 2008) and others … Read More

Bringing the world to life through augmented reality

Augmented reality connects students to myriad learning opportunities and experiences they may otherwise never encounter

My school, located in London, is a rich and diverse community with over 40 languages spoken at the school. Affectionately known as a ‘village school in the United Nations of … Read More

How to foster antiracist learning environments in schools

Antiracism is a continuous process that requires fighting for equitable systems and policies for all

Over the last two years, far too many people in education have acted as if antiracism is a new thing. It is not. Going back to scholars and activists like … Read More