Movement and learning combine to spark student success

Students are better able to focus when they have time for movement and learning--and these strategies can be used at home while schools are closed

Teachers never have enough hours in the day. So when we find learning tools that engage students and also serve multiple purposes, it’s a huge bonus. That’s just what I discovered when I began using an interactive video series that gets students up and moving while they’re learning core content.

The link between movement and learning is clear: When students do some sort of physical activity, their brains are stimulated as well — and they’re able to focus and learn more effectively. This is why teachers in a growing number of classrooms are building in learning breaks for their students to get up, stretch, and move around throughout the day.

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However, time is a precious commodity in today’s classrooms. With all the content we’re expected to cover, we have to be very efficient with our instructional time. Having a resource that gets students moving at the same time they’re learning important content is a key way to be more efficient.